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May 15, 2010

photobooth madness

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The first week was an adjustment week for us interns at the dcs. Since we all have different tasks at hand, we were all individually studying and being familiar with our respective projects. The good thing about working at the dept. is that not only we have each other’s company,even though we work separately on different projects, we got the chance to use THE iMac. (haha) .

The first days were photobooth galore. It was really fun fun fun. But hearing that i have to work on the project solo flight made me scared and uneasy. It was indeed a lot pressure at my part.

My project is an extension of last semester’s 192 project (mark and jr’s). They have created a web- based form 67 that is filled-up by faculty members. My work for the project is to create the 2nd part of the form 67 and to generate a report regarding this form.

I was very anxious to start with the project knowing that i have to learn and study their code. But the anxiety was eased by iMac as the photobooth madness continued that afternoon.


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