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May 16, 2010

5th week at Chikka Blog Post 2

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May13/Thursday: I went to Pisay in the morning to get my yearbook.  I also went around and reminisced my high school memories. I haven’t been there since I graduated… Anyway, my next stop was UP. I attended the NDSG orientation. Then I went to Chikka to work half-day, hoping that Sir Joel had already checked our work, which unfortunately wasn’t the case. Looking at the brighter side, I got to have a free pizza before I left the office.

May14/Friday: Aica and I had still been waiting for Sir Joel’s code review T.T    Since Chikka didn’t assign a person to specifically handle their mobile team internship program (as his/her main focus/priority), there were idle times like this in our OJT period. Although we have team leads, who readily helps us when we have questions/problems, they’re focused on developing Chikka’s main projects. That’s what keeps Sir Joel busy.

During times like this, I usually work on my friend’s business’ website, do some research for my Engineering Orange tasks (I’m a student assistant under Sir Mike), research for thesis ideas, or visit Facebook and Plurk when I’m already “sabaw”. This way, at least I keep on learning new things. Some stuff I’ve been studying/coding/playing around with: RSA password encryption/decryption, Smart GWT, TinyMCE javascript WYSIWYG editor, other web scripts, etc…

And! This Friday I got something free again! Berns treated me in Starbucks because I scanned his pics hehe ;p

Here are the pictures of the mobile team interns with some Chikka employees for my second blog post this week:

In this pic: Kuya Jojo (the technician), the receptionist and us

In this pic: interns together with another employee (I think her name is Ma’am Cecile), who just passed by by coincidence, whom Kuya Jojo pleaded to join in the picture taking because he was shy

In this pic: Ma’am Mia (one of the HRs) and us

~ Diel


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