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May 16, 2010

Chikka Week #5a — I Can Has Check

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Philippines’ first automated elections — Autovotes vs Decepticons?

Last May 10 was election day, so that meant a non-working day for us.

I am not a registered voter, mainly because I forgot about it under all the stress I had last year due to academics.  I only remembered about the registration when the evening news were about nothing else but the last-minute registrations.  I guess I could say I regret it.  As expected, Noynoy lead the presidential election.  I’m not gonna stir a political debate here, but I’ll just say that I’m not 100% pleased with the results (come on, Erap at 2nd place, really?), plus the actual conduction of the elections itself, because of the last minute crap we had like replacing those CF cards.

Picking the fruits of labor

Last Tuesday, we finally decided to check the number of hours we did.  We’ve been planning to do it since last week but it didn’t really push through.  We ended up asking for our paycheck as well (we got nagged to do it), although it was only for the 3 weeks of work rendered.   Can’t exactly disclose how much I got because it’s ethical, but let’s just say a very generous amount for an intern.  Here are my co-interns:

So what do I plan to do with what I earn?  I’ve actually been looking at these options:

a)  Buy an extra HDD — I’ve been looking towards getting a 500GB SATA, since my HDDs is very full.  Of the 240GB I have, I only have 10GB left, and I hate not being able to defrag properly.  I wanted the space so I can install more games I have on Steam, plus to be able to record videos with it.

b) 2GB DDR2 800 — I wanted to get this because of how much Team Fortress 2 hogs my memory, not to mention dual-channel would be cool.  I have 2GB, and TF2 eats up around 1.2GB.  Memory just isn’t enough so Windows 7 always has to resort to virtual memory, which means my system goes to a crawl after playing.   But I was shocked to see how memory prices practically doubled.  A Transcend brand cost me P1300 last 2008, now it costs P2500!  I thought this was because DDR2 is being phased out in favor of DDR3, but even the latter’s prices are still going up.

c)  Tablet — I really wanted a Wacom so I can be more serious when it comes to tradigital animation and raster drawing.  I’m fine with a 4×5 Graphire but it’s phased out in favor of Bamboo.

Still debating…

Checking our work

Sir Joel finally found time to check our work late Tuesday.  We had a few bugs found, plus a design flaw he pointed out.  Me and Iehl only started working on it on Wednesday since we finished our meeting at 5pm.  Diel and Aica finished their work around Wednesday, but we still weren’t finished then.



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