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May 16, 2010

Cisco Experience

I have already finished the database management systems assigned to me – more than anything else, what really challenged me were the encoding/data population and fields’ validation. The forms and reports design were quite easy.  Cisco creates Data Center Solutions and one in particular, the 6500 Series, which is efficient both in cost and space as it uses fewer devices to fully integrate the data center. Terms such as cloud computing, which is a delivery of any service over the Internet and daisy chaining or simply connecting a computer in series to a next to form a network were defined and discussed. I was also taught to use Windows HyperTerminal to access and configure the router. Windows HyperTerminal is a terminal emulator program. Using this program, which always comes with Windows, one could enable/disable router features and capabilities.


My Cisco experience was a very memorable one. Even if I was able to use what I’ve learned from both CS145 and CS165, at work, you still learn new things just like in school. My knowledge and understanding of advanced network and IC technologies were further improved and this also enhanced my love for hi-tech equipments. If there’s one thing I haven’t learned yet and want to overcome, it’s the fear of utilizing and maximizing both hardware and software functionalities because I was hesitant to play around those since the equipment was too expensive and I wouldn’t know how to fix it when something unfortunate happens. I really am hesitant when it comes to those kinds of problems because to me even after repairing that product it still wouldn’t be the same as its brand new condition. I have to learn to build my confidence and further enrich myself through training and on-the-job experience when it comes to those dilemmas. I’ve had lots of both personal and academic realizations. With all these hi-tech equipments and processes I’ve learned, I’ve appreciated them more when I saw its application to lives of ordinary individuals and how in turn it would impact our society.

“The greatest mistakes we’ll ever do in our lives are the risks we don’t take.”

-jL (Jose Luis)


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