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May 16, 2010


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We did not do the second mock-up presentation last Friday. This will happen tomorrow instead, and it will be quite early. Everything is settled; we have already finished the presentation last Wednesday. But I can’t help myself from feeling a little nervous. It will be different.

We made the fixes for the first presentation. More graphs and options had to be made. One part had a complete face-lift. We also attached some view elements to the model so our mock-up could have flexibility. We have last-minute adjustments to be made tomorrow: attachment of one new graph, image replacement, and re-coding similar program patterns.

Other than that, since we did touch more of the model and controller for the mock-up, I managed to study and deconstruct them a little bit this week. It’s not really within the scope of my assignment, but I never like working on something without the least bit idea of what happens at the back.

I think this uneasy feeling happens a lot to a Computer Science student. When I read my first programming book, I had to print “Hello World!” without understanding what public, static, void and main meant. It felt messy, and I was left to wish the book explained every term first before it inconsiderately rushed to make me copy and paste some gibberish on an old program that did absolutely nothing but edit text. Still, it was the best way to learn. A lot of things in the beloved course is conceptual and could be explained best by experience. A lot of things are also abstracted, so topics aren’t chronological or consecutive– they’re big-picture to small-picture; learn everything faintly then thoroughly.

Learning something while knowing that there is still something hidden at the back is, I suppose, one of the reasons some people are motivated to find out more. Programming will always be a tease.


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