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May 17, 2010

New task on buffer

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We were not able to finish our task this week, but sir Zhen gave us a new task. Because there are only two weeks remaining in our internship, the new task will be on buffer and we have to prioritize our current task, which is integrating the project with the other teams.

What he gave us is different from what he said. Instead of having a task related to .NET or Android, we are assigned to do an application that will test the correctness and efficiency of our framework. This task can be done by doing a mind map that can be used in online meetings and the like. Because a mindmap contains a lot of graphics, they recommend us to use the raphael js library, which is earlier introduced to the UI team.

The raphael js library is very helpful if you are having a hard time with vector graphics on the web. It contains a lot of functions that are helpful in generating shapes, colors and text. It is best coupled with jQuery.

– Edgar


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