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May 17, 2010

piles of work ..go away!

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It is so fulfilling to finish a task but every time i do, i always end up worrying because the work seems to never end.
This morning, i struggled to get out of bed and went to school earlier than the usual. My head was heavy .My heart was worried. I can’t seem to be focused to one thing at a time. I have a lot of things in mind, things that i have to do, failed to do and things that i hope i can do.

I finished with the to_pdf file but i still haven’t generated the values to be placed on it. But having the to_pdf file done was a great relief. It took me 2 days to finish it! It was very frustrating to work on the file because i wanted the layout to be as clean as possible. I was happy with the results. I hope my client would feel the same.

Although finishing the to_pdf file was one task down , i can’t seem to feel the difference because there were still piles of work waiting for me to do them. Oh please go away!:p


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