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May 18, 2010

Break time!

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Summer classes are over and so our favorite lunch “tambayan” (NISMED) is now closed… and since, our friend jamie who loves mcdonalds VERY MUCH is with us, lunch time is definitely mcdo time!

Mcdo Time

Well, you might think it’s free but it’s not xD; we [Mich and I] don’t really get to have some free food here at the department except if we’re lucky enough to passed by some gatherings with left over food like ham and cheese sandwich + bread stix or with overflowing food like pizza!

Don’t get it wrong. We don’t really have a lot of free time here at the department. We just need some motivation xD [since the photobooth madness is over (i think), and gone were the days when we used to go home early].
The deadline of our project is almost there and we still need to catch up on many things. I’m almost done with the interface of my project, but I still have to fill the blank fields with a lot of data. I still have to fix my database and I still have to deploy this project.

It’s been a very tiring day but I’m not sure if I’m going to have a good night sleep tonight 😦 because I’m still looking forward to finishing my database tonight. Yes, i have to do this TONIGHT…. and I am also looking forward to having a good night sleep NEXT WEEK haha xD… So help me God.


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