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May 18, 2010

Last Meeting with Sir Mike

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Again, another late post for me. I was supposed to blog about this last Sunday but I forgot… hehe…

Anyway, last Saturday, we had our now-turned-monthly meetings in Orange wherein everyone in the team was present, well, almost everyone (we miss you Paui <3!). We had our meeting in CVMIG and we got a chance to use Sir Mike’s iMac Pro and its 27 (or 30) inch cinema display screen. The meeting was the usual, Sir asked us about our progress in our tasks. Dielie and I were done with our tasks and Patrick was almost finished with his so no one was lagging.. Yay!

Aside from updating Sir about our tasks, we had to update our Use Cases, ERD, DDL, basically every type of documentation that we had, we had to update. We had to remove some fields and edit some entities. We were also given new tasks to accomplish over the week. I was assigned to create the code for viewing messages and deleting them. I have a feeling that I will be handling the GMail aspect of Orange.

Since Sir Mike is leaving, he told us which teacher would be replacing them. He said that we would never guess who it was but I was able to. It turns out that Sir Quiwa is planning to turn over Orange to…. Ma’am Leah! *gasp* Patrick and I just laughed since it brought back CS 192 memories. But this is still not final though, she might refuse to take on Orange and the admin would have to find another teacher who is willing to sign our paychecks.

Speaking of paychecks, I haven’t received mine 😦 I still don’t have my paycheck for the month of November  and December 2009 and March 2010. It’s weird since we already got out paycheck for Jan and Feb 2010. Oh well, I just hope that we get our paycheck soon…

After our meeting, we had our last free lunch from Sir Mike at Mang Jimmy’s.  

It’s sad that Orange will be turned-over to another teacher, we’ll miss our free lunches with Sir Mike… Hehe… I just hope that whoever handles Orange will be as lenient as Sir Mike, especially that majority of us will be in our 4th year and it’ll be hard to focus on Orange since we’ll have our thesis and all…

– Camille


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