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May 18, 2010

Twenty-First Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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I am ten days away from completing my internship. If not for my scholarship, I’d be a week ahead of my completion. But it’s ok. As much as I want to enjoy my vacation, I also want to spend some more time at the company. I will really miss it.It is ten days before countdown ends, and as a special tribute to  my amazing adventure in JSP, starting this blog way until the end, I am going to feature some of the things -or- people that inspired me during my job-training.The lucky number today is ten, so… let me present to you the ten people that I’ve worked with.

The 10 People at IT Dept (not including me)

1. Sir Jovy Lazan, the King of IT

Sir Jovy is the king of the IT-dom, the leader of the IT-gang, the… well you get my point right? One of the reasons why I enjoyed my internship is because he handled me very well, taught me a lot about the real world. I think the whole IT-dom will agree with me when I say that he is a great lost in the company. But as he put it, that’s how the business world runs.

I will never forget the day that Sir Jovy interviewed me. It’s a living proof that grades alone do not make employers hire you. It’s your personality.

2. Sir Neal, the Silent Successor

In my previous blogs, I think I haven’t talked much about Sir Neal, who is my new supervisor after Sir Jovy left (us). Well, Sir Neal is this silent type of person who is very engaged with his job. He is the Senior Programmer of the company, and is actually one of its pioneers. At the unanticipated absence of Sir Jovy, Sir Neal sustained our training professionally.

Though he doesn’t know this, Sir Neal encouraged me to continue my OJT in JSP. He gave me the assurance that I will still be on the right hands.

3. Dave, the Stress Reliever

Dave, Dave, Dave. Almost in all my blogs, Dave is always there. So what more can I say about Dave? Aside from corrupting my mind with 2NE1 songs, I don’t think there are other things that I haven’t yet told about Dave.

One of the things (or maybe the only thing, hehe) that Dave taught me is to be friendly especially in a corporate, formal, and not-so-dynamic environment. And because of him, everyday is a happy day. That’s Dave.

4. Kevin, the Busy-bodied

I have known Kuya Kevin since my senior year in high school. We were both the public information officers back then. And because of him, I got to know JSP and soon thanks to him, I got hired also. But he is different at work. His like this work-magnet that always wanted to be on-the-go. He gets bored quickly, more quickly than I am.

But anyway, the first lesson I got from Kuya Kevin happened during my first day at work. He told me to be courteous to everyone, especially to the bosses, even though I don’t know them. And since then, I’ve been smiling always. Well… almost.

5. JR, the Hopeless Romantic

My introduction to JR was that he was the leader in their group. But as I got to know him more, I saw the romantic side in him (that is often taken as a joke). Anyway, I don’t really know who she is (or they are hahaha) because I’m not a gossip-monger.

JR helped me cope up with the group. During my first week in JSP, I almost felt alone. But he and the others made me feel that I belong.

6. Luiz, the Freewheeler

I would say that I’ve had some Luiz-like friends before. They’re the ones who always joke around, as if there’s nothing to worry about. They like watching movies and animes, surfing the net for some gags that they could share to the rest. Most certainly Luiz-like.

What I’ve learned from Luiz is to take life seriously funny. It’s okay to not know the solution right at the moment. If you couldn’t solve your problem, there’s always someone to help you.

7. Dons, the Solitaire

He’s always alone. But take note, alone and not lonely. Every one of us believed that we should give him his privacy. As I’ve said before, he has his own world. But there are times when I got to enter his world, which is quite interesting actually. He’s in to animes, and we’ve had some meaningful conversations (about animes, haha).

Donzan helped me rediscover the value of respect. We are all different, in some ways, and that’s what makes our world rich: rich in culture, rich in diversity. And unless we embrace each others’ differences, we will not see how beautiful our world is.

8. Joel, the Expert

Also in the list of the most popular among my blogs is Joel. I have made him bida among my blogs because he really deserved to be one. Before, I really thought that only UP produces the best programmers, the best developers. But when I met Joel, everything changed. He made me realize that it’s not just about my school. There are other factors to consider as well.

Though he admired me for being a UP student (In Filipino, hanga siya sa pagiging UP student ko, hehehe), his humility really astounded me. Imagine, here he is, a successful man who is earning much from his skills, yet he still praises me for things that I believe are pettier. And because of him, I’ll even strive harder to learn more and earn more.

9. Moises, the Dragon

Moises is the most macho in our IT-dom. Everyone agrees. But he’s not your typical brawn-no-brain dude. I was amazed actually when he started asking me how to do this and that in PHP. In my mind, I said, wow… he’s really interested to learn this thing.

Moises taught me to not judge by the way people appear to be. I call him a dragon not because of his physique, but because of his desire to acquire knowledge. And I admire people who have the passion to learn.

10. Alyssa, the Dragon Tamer

And of course, saving the best for the last, is the only rose among the thorns. When I first saw Alyssa, I thought that it would be a little more interesting at IT now that we have a girl. All those boys’ talk would be postponed until dismissal. Alyssa, just like her partner Moises, is very teachable. She listens to our discussions, and asks whenever she doesn’t understand something.

She fortified my belief that asking is always a good decision. It is better to be a fool for a minute than a fool for a lifetime.

About her being the dragon tamer, well… just read between the lines.

More Lessons?

Well, I gave you ten valuable lessons from the people I wrote above. But to bond everything together, here’s one verse that I got from God:  Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.

I consider myself wise because I am actually learning things that aren’t only taught by books. And I am happy to realize that I can learn these things even from unexpected people and circumstances.

JSP · Prov 9:9


  1. I love you Paulskee!

    Comment by Moises Fraginal — May 26, 2010 @ 1:53 pm

  2. Mimi, the dragon tamer.. nyahaha.. very well said..

    Comment by Alyssa Rodriguez — May 26, 2010 @ 1:53 pm

  3. hehe, hopeless romantic, hmm, nice paulskee…

    Comment by Jayr — May 31, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

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