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May 18, 2010

Why Oh Wifi

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I was having wifi problems in my laptop a while ago. It turned out that it was a user problem. >__< The laptop can not detect wifi signals even if I turn the wifi function (Fn + F8) on.  I tried it many times but it still did not work. I gave up “troubleshooting” it and asked for help. Good thing the admin/tech guys here are approachable. They don’t hesitate to help you. I went to Kuya Jojo’s room and told the situation. Another tech guy went and helped me. I was too shy to ask his name though. It turned out that another small switch in the left side of the laptop must be turned on too. I did not know that some laptops require this aside from the Fn+F* combination. >__< There goes the saying that sometimes the things you are looking for are right in front of you.

Speaking of Kuya Jojo, we were able to have a picture with him. Some of the employees including Ms. Mia, one of the HR Associates even joined our photo session. Haha.

~ Aica


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