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May 19, 2010

caught off guard

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Last week was the start of advanced registration for freshmen. This meant free lunch for us. 😀 But the highlight of the registration was the part where some people suddenly burst in the workplace looking for help for their problems with enlistment. We were caught off guard when people we don’t know just walked in while we were coding on our computers. (They kept commenting on how dark we kept the room). The pressure was on when they talked about the issues they were encountering. I was afraid we couldn’t really help, especially since there were only three of us there at the time; Ma’am Via, Sir Kyl, and the other interns were at the OUR, and Mary and JC had class until the afternoon. It didn’t help either that I’m under experienced with dealing with reg problems.  I wasn’t able to help much, but JS took note of their names and problems and passed on the information to our supervisors.


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