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May 19, 2010


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grades, grades, and more grades. After working on the TCG printing, my current module is for the viewing of grades online.So far, the module could already display the tabulated grades of the student. I still have to ask if I could/should include the GWA per term (since I know some people who are asking for it). And the module still lacks this part ->

LDMU: “satisfaction gained from a good to a consumer declines with each additional unit acquired or consumed”. After seeing the grades of A LOT of different people, it’s not as intriguing as before. I still use the data of people I know, but now I think I’m more interested on the classes they took rather than their grades. I am now Grade unConscious [literally =p]. But of course, I still sneak a look sometimes. Don’t worry, it’s CONFIDENTIAL 😀

– joanne ü


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