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May 19, 2010

halfway through week 6

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Good morning all. =) just taking a breather before another day of work starts.

We have finished integrating all the modules, but there still seems to be a lot that needs to be done. Now that we have the database and the interface together, we are polishing the features and continually discovering more cases that need to be addressed, and consequently editing or writing codes for those.

I am also almost finished with the form validations, for which i have been using a jQuery plug-in. The design and layout needs to be polished as well, because with the goal of prioritizing the system’s functionality, we kept the design at a lower priority.

My partner’s out sick and can’t make it to work today. Apart from whatever she has eaten that’s caused her sickness, i think i’ll blame it on the freezing airconditioning! Haha. I hope she gets well soon.

Time to work now.



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