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May 19, 2010

less primitivity

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We were supposed to demo the semi-finalized mock up of the module on the 13th to the higher-ups, but as it was a tentative date, the demo didn’t push through. Which is why on the 14th, because we’ve pretty much got the mock-up polished and the powerpoint presentation already redrafted, Sam, Jaye, JS, and I worked on reducing the hard-coded parts of the mock up in preparation for coding the actual module. We proceeded with replacing the hardcoded data with data fed directly from the database. Although since the tables for the new modules have not been created yet, there were parts of the module of course that we had to leave in all its hardcoded glory.

Mary and JC also taught us (well, Sam and I) a few things about subversion. JC had seen us sending each other the codes we’d written, and, I must admit, it had been impractical and senseless to do so when our computers were on a local network. I have Tortoise SVN on my computer, but I never really bothered to use it aside from that first time that I checked out some necessary files for developing modules. JC installed Rabbit SVN on one of the computers in the UCC, and it turns out that it was much simpler than typing commands in the terminal. So today resulted in us learning to let go of our primitive practice of e-mailing code and hardcoding data.

We can’t wait until we start coding the actual module, really. 😀 There are only a couple of weeks left until our internship ends though, so we can’t be sure if we’re going to be there when the online SET module is finished.


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