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May 19, 2010

Locked Out

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Unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to go to work today  😦

It wasn’t because I was sick or because I overslept and was late. Actually, I managed to leave the house  and make it in the front door of CVMIG on time.

But since Ate Mila’s office was closed when I got to the department, I wasn’t able to get the RFID for the lab. This meant that I could unlock the door but I still can’t open it.

I actually had the feeling that this would happen yesterday since I almost was locked out. It was a good thing that one of the SA’s opened the Admin and I was able to get the RFID.

I could have waited for someone to open the Admin office but I figured that this was a sign. A sign that maybe I can have the day off and just rest or focus on my other tasks, which I failed to accomplish anyway.

Progress-wise, I am still on schedule. I have been able to accomplish some of my work. And the rest, well, I’d still have to wait for our edited DDL and DML before I can truly move on.

I guess that it’s going to be a slow week for Orange, but I am not complaining. I just hope that I get the task done on time. I wouldn’t want what happened 2 weeks ago to happen again… Hehe…

– Camille


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