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May 19, 2010


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So we had the second mock-up this Monday… it wasn’t that bad. I can tell the vice chancellor has already worked with software presentations in the past; if documentation really was her primal concern. Seems like the SET module is a go, and it seems like it will have to be finished by this year. That said, we started developing the real thing right after our meeting with her. The ‘real thing,’ meaning a version plugged to the database. Our mock-ups had coding involved, but a lot of the data was hard-coded. No, it will not be finished within the duration of our internship– but it is a serious project, so we want to leave as much as we can behind.

This week, what we mostly did was make the interface generation dynamic. Fellow interns have already begun work on the lower level of the module. We also had another meeting with our supervisors regarding the project, and regarding Information Systems. They gave us more advice on the subject, and again shared their experiences with us.

They told us that programming is a very small part of Information Systems. I think that’s true for other branches of Computer Science as well. A professor once asked me why I shifted into the course. When I answered that it was because I liked programming, he smiled at me and said that Computer Science was much more than that. I had a faint idea of what he meant, since the course was after all, named Computer Science and not Programming. But as I was immersed in the course, I found that he meant deeper.

For me now, the course is about puzzles. It’s the puzzle of necessities, of people, of time. It’s a puzzle of the mind, of the world, of the unknown. It’s not just technicalities or numbers. It’s about the mystery of us.


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