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May 19, 2010

some sun and a silver lining

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On the twelfth, we finally got around to demonstrating the mock-up for Sir Roel. We had Ma’am Via, Sir Kyl, all the interns, and Kuya Karl as our audience. Mary and JC started off the demo with a powerpoint presentation, and Sam then proceeded to demonstrating the 2nd phase of the module. JS and I continued with the 3rd phase of the module. At one point, while I was talking, I realized that there was something wrong with one of the parts of the 3rd phase of the module. It was surprising that none of us caught the error before. Good thing Sir Roel had suggested that we present the mock up of the module to him first before we presented it to the higher ups. In the end, the error became a suggestion for improvement of the features (although the suggestion proved to pose several issues in its implementation); there’s always a silver lining! We got to head home earlier, much earlier, that day than usual. JS, Sam, and I left by around 5:40 pm, and it was nice to see some sun when we went to catch our ride home.


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