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May 20, 2010

Chikka Week #6a — All for one!

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Diel, this is for you!

Chocolate, mocha, double dutch

Someone had yet another birthday celebration, and he bought 7 gallons of ice cream.  SEVEN! Me, Iehl and Aica went to grab a cone each in front of the reception area of Chikka.  Nagkakahiyaan pa, pero nung nakalabas na ng office para kumuha, medyo nag-unahan pa kami HAHAHAHA.

I was already pleased that we could have ice cream, but I became even more pleased when I saw that my top three favorite flavors were there (mocha, double dutch, chocolate).  Naturally, I took a scoop of each flavor.  We even went for seconds because there really was a lot of ice cream, and that they were so delicious.

Unfortunately, Diel wasn’t with us.  She was on leave for 3 days due to commitments to the church (she is very religious), so she didn’t have ice cream, so Diel, we dedicate the top image to you.  😀

(Pang-inggit na rin sayo, haha!)

Seeing our work in action

Last Monday, we finally got to have our work checked with sir Joel, and gladly there was only an ultra-minor bug that was immediately fixed.  He told us to download WinSCP and Putty so that we can test our work the next day.

The next day, sir Joel told us how to use the company servers for us to set up our project.  He also gave us dire warnings about the servers being live, so we can’t afford to mess up.  We deployed our project, and of course, adjustments had to be made.

It was so fun finally seeing our project working, since we’re getting the SMS messages we’re supposed to receive on the test phones.  Just for kicks, we created dummy SMS messages which would originate from a certain official number.  What did we write in it?  e0OOOwwwHHzzz pffHHouuuXXzzZ! XD  I really which I could’ve taken the picture, but I can’t because of the NDA.

(oh and sir Joel was fine with this, he even laughed when he caught us inserting jejetext into the database to test our project)

Oh and hey, pics nao

(Why am I the only one who seem to be enthusiastically licking the ice cream?)



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