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May 20, 2010

Demo with VC Paredes

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Tuesday, we met Vice Chancellor Paredes for another presentation of our team’s SET design proposal. I was only to present a single option in the module, but I was a bundle of nerves anyway. Mary and JC started off the presentation by again discussing the benefits of the online SET module as compared to the traditional manual process. A big part of the proposed module wasn’t exactly necessary, but it was ‘nice to have’. We thought it should be put to lower priority since it wasn’t needed that badly yet, so we decided to sort of skip over one phase of the module when we gave the demo.

We’d been…warned, that whoever our audience would be, we’d be asked when we might finish the module. 😛 We were thoroughly informed, but I still didn’t have an answer when VC Paredes asked. I have no experiences to base an approximate on. I don’t know how to factor in the amount of work four to six people can finish, along with the number of changes that the whole design of the module might have to go through, I don’t know how much I still have study, I don’t know if we might have to redesign parts of the module while the requirements change. But I do hope that when we finish the module, I would have enough experience to make an approximate the next time.

So, the demo went pretty well, I think. Here’s to hoping the whole project turns out well, too!


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