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May 21, 2010


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thank God it’s friday? 2 whole days, still a lot of work. These passed few days i’ve been very tired and stressed. This afternoon i spent most of the time redoing my to_pdf file. I was so frustrated. Good thing i finished it and really made sure i don’t have to repeat it all over again (i hope i don’t!). Now that i have the other form that i have to be able to generate, i’ll spend my saturday doing it. Another weekend of no rest. Ooooh how i long for that free day where all i have to do is lie down in bed, watch tv, eat and sleep. When will this day come?

I’ve listed down my task for this 2 remaining days i have before my demo. 5 out of 14 was checked. (Wah!) I desperately need a miracle.

Thank God it’s Friday? It’s more like.. the Gauge of work Is Stressful!

I have to do my best and work really really hard if i still want to have a vacation before the sem starts.

T.G.I.S.?  Yes. To not Give up Is to Sacrifice…. time, patience, effort. Definitely all will be paid off after i finish this job. Can’t wait for that day.


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