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May 22, 2010

Web app….

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It seems like only yesterday when I was sitting in the old conference room, listening to my classmates who were then reporting about web applications during our cs165 class. Back then, I could still hear Sir Mike laughing at us because we don’t know a lot of the web app technology and terminology that he was mentioning such as GWT, some frameworks, MVC, etc. and he was then telling us good luck in our future careers at the same time regretting that he was not able to teach us some of those. Also back then, I had some urge to explore more about the topic but little did I thought that I’ll be doing one (and learning a lot at the same time for my OJT).

I guess, anybody would agree that ojt will definitely test what you have learned in the past years of your stay in the department. But of course, it’s definitely more than what you have learned from the textbooks and lecture slides….

Here are the ones that I used in my project and what I think/feel about them:

Back then in high school, I’m really very interested in website design and we have experienced coding in basic HTML so I would say that somehow I’m familiar with HTML and CSS. Well, I don’t mostly use HTML and CSS for my project because I’m using GWT for most part but I’m still using them to add some style to my web page. Very helpful indeed.

JDO (java data object) for Google App Engine (GAE/J)
having learned how to design and query on a relational database using sql only last semester, I really found it hard to adjust to jdo. Aside from the fact that i didn’t create tables using the Data Definition Language (CREATE TABLE Student…) which we used to do in our cs165 lab, there are a lot of restrictions in querying using jdo – no joins, case-sensitive, limited IN’s and !=’s etc. (sigh) I’m speechless. But i guess once you get to work things out, it wouldn’t be that hard anymore..

GWT (google web toolkit)
i really enjoyed this one, definitely, just like how i enjoyed working on java GUI except that some of the features that I wanted/needed to do using gwt are not very evident(well, not totally impossible to do but you just have to give some extra effort and time on it or you need the support of some other existing technologies, framework). But of course there are more advance features found in GWT like some of the widget and layout that are not in the ordinary java swing application…
p.s.: lately, i just ran around some GWT-based frameworks like SmartGWT, Ext-GWT, GWT-Ext which I found very very interesting because they have exactly what I wanted and I could not ask for more. However, I found it a little hard to adapt to my project because of the difference of its model from the datastore that i’m using. So, I guess I will stick on the vanilla GWT for now.

Well, I’m hoping to learn more aside from what I have now but I guess for now, I just have to finish my project…


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