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May 22, 2010

aptitude, attitude, and passion

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After a pseudo-final demo of the SET module design and proposal, we set to work on what is going to be the actual module after weeks of coding the mock-up. This time, I used Tortoise SVN to update my copy of the module–it’s so much easier that way! I feel like a sissy for still not being too comfortable with SVN using command line after being lectured on it by JC and JS countless times, but…I’m trying to learn at least!

Today’s highlight was the meeting with, initially, the SET team and Sir Kyl and Ma’am Via, later joined by Kuya Karl, A, Jo-anne, and Benj. Ma’am Via and Sir Kyl always tell the most interesting stories about their work. They told us about the dedication it takes to develop an information system properly, the importance of both aptitude and attitude, and passion about one’s work. They were talking about Information Systems in particular, but I think it takes passion for anyone to do anything to the best of their ability. It’s especially true about this line of work, though. The constant changing requirements and specifications of the projects would frustrate even the most diligent of workers, and without passion, such work would be something one would want to escape from. If there’s anything I’m sure of–despite my lack of experience with an actual job–it’s that work shouldn’t feel like work. But that’s really not a problem at UP CC;it’s always fun with the people I work with. There’s never any of the confining, neutral walls in a lot of other offices and there’s always the stash of snacks atop the refrigerator and the pleasant cold of the air conditioning against the summer heat.


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