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May 22, 2010

Finishing what I’ve started…

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After the freshmen enlistment period have ended, it’s time to finish what Ive started. The Faculty Management Module (renamed to Faculty Activation)which contains the list of active and inactive faculties needs to be done. Ive done the front end part before and this time, I need to connect the UI part to the database. The database structures were introduced to us. I have learned how to create and use Postgres functions.

I was afraid to try at first since it will be dealing with the database already. Errors should be minimize to prevent data loss.

I was lost at the beginning. Joining multiple tables together and how do they affect each other. But after few days of analyzing the database, I finally made my self familiar to the structure and model part.I finished the entire module by the end of the week. It feels great that I have done my own module on my own.


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