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May 22, 2010

looking for the problem

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Because it is so hard to try and figure out a solution when you can’t even see where the problem is. I realized that these past few weeks after alternating between HTML and PHP and javascript and looking through the entire code/s whenever something goes wrong. We are SO used to Java, and, as sir Kyl said before, we just take compiling and the generated error messages (complete with the line number) for granted.*

Same goes for the database. But the problem doesn’t really lie on the code/queries but on which information is needed. The CRS database is VERY BIG and I only had a little idea on what I should be looking for. I was still on the view grades module, still stuck on the same dilemma.

So I asked our supervisors. Then tried their instructions. When it still didn’t work, I asked again. And then we saw that the data on those classes [with lec and lab] are not that organized yet. They told me to try changing some of the values for some of those subjects, and if the module works for that, then it’s OK. They would be the ones to deal with the necessary corrections.

Thankfully it worked, but then there were so many different classes, and it doesn’t feel good, thinking that they would still have to fix it, even when they already have their hands full. Hopefully I’d still be able to help 🙂

– joanne ü

[* Of course the error console of Firefox could have helped, but I haven’t installed it yet and am running low on disk space. Chrome’s CTRL+SHIFT+J helps too sometimes :D]


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