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May 22, 2010

Summer so good to the ear

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Let me speak of the past weeks when I have not been wordpress-ly active.
I’ve been mingling with Google for the past weeks. Aside from endless reading, loading tutorials, making sure I read instructions correctly and making sure I am in my consciousness when I follow instructions, somehow I get the feeling that I have grown into a more active reader this summer. I hope this self-belief stays because I admit to being bothered easily, specially during days when I just want to stop time because I am fighting to do something productive. It also feels good that when I’m in the brink of losing consciousness, there’s a shuffle of music picking me up from drowsy summer middays. Janet Jackson, JLo, Mariah. Name it.
Whenever we have no packed lunch, there are always Lasagna/Spaghetti microwavables to count on. Running across Techportal to Ministop would probably be our only physical activity. We sprint because we avoid being fried under the sun. And we do this even with the confused looks of people around. Hehe. With regards to the project, it had been mean and confusing. Whenever I find myself lost in the process, I pick up from the start or from the point where things are understandable instead of staying midway and struggling to push through only to be confused some more.
~ Reg

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