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May 23, 2010

17 hours to go

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A lot of work but a few hours to go before my demo. Can i pull this off?

The pressure has never been this heavy knowing that tomorrow is my judgement day. No giving in to temptations, no horse play. I had to finish this TODAY or i’ll be spending the rest of the summer still working on this. No way, i had a lot of things planned for my remaining days before school starts and i don’t want to dissapoint myself.

I had finish generating the report form, but i still have a lot of adjustments to do. I forgot to include the possibility that the report form can be in more than a page and each page must have identical header and footer. It was sooo frustrating doing this task because i really wanted to finish this already! Eagerness won’t do me good so i took a break, rested awhile and started to continue the task patiently.

Integrating everything together is my hatest task. I had to check every file and see to it that it linked to the right one. Yes, every single file. And take note, in each folder there are more than 10 files. Patience IS the virtue. Luckily the other folders are a bit identical so all i have to do is to fix the sequence in one of the folders and duplicate it with the remaining ones. But of course i shouldn’t be that tackless, i have to check everything and see to it that there are no room for mistakes. I don’t want to be surprised tomorrow and see errors on my project. No no no. That’s not how i work. I want everything to be on the right place, and see what i expect to see.

Now these remaining hours will gonna be all about my ojt. I hope i can have a good night sleep and be assured that i’ve done my best to accomplish this.

Pamper day, see you soon!:)


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