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May 23, 2010

Chikka Week #6b — Our quartet’s down to three.

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Good things are slowly coming to an end, sadly.

Enrollment failure and disappointment

Last Monday, I went to the Eng’g Admin to have my priority status changed to graduating.  Much to my dismay, it turns out that a survey for that was held last February.  I heard nothing about it.  I am signed up for many mailing lists but none of them mentioned about the survey, so now, even if I only have 10 units left.  I’ll just have to tough it up, even if I was hoping to get my PE while under the magic of graduating priority.

On the same day, I had another disappointment.  I discovered that CS197 – Game Dev, a subject pertaining to the biggest reason I even signed up for ComSci, is conflicted with CS196, which is just a 1 unit subject.  For a long time I contemplated on just taking CS196 on my second sem, even if it means that sem will only have 1 unit in total (I really wanted it that badly).  Sir Philip advised against it and told me to just sit in the class.  I’ll likely do that, but still, nothing beats being properly enrolled in the class, so I really wish Game Dev and 196 weren’t conflicted, or that I could enroll for conflicting subjects.  Sigh.  v_v

Complete project deployment

We continued to deploy our project to the servers.  Along with the deployment, we also had some modifications and fixes to our code.  Work was a bit slow, since it involved a lot of waiting time, but by Friday we finally finished deploying the whole project, so it was now up and running.  Sir Joel himself had to do some database updates himself, because the database resides on a sensitive server, so doing a mistake might mean big trouble

The only thing left to do is to clean the code up by removing comments and PHP echos, which I will do this Monday.  I’m planning to propose a change to the company’s PHP library, which involves making it more compliant to PHP5, since some parts of the company’s PHP library were written years ago.  I just did a local test on the update I wanna propose an hour before I wrote this post, I’ll try to talk to sir Joel about it.

We might get another project, or maybe not, it really depends if the company wants us to keep on working even if we can’t finish it on time.  I really hope we get some work though;  I’m not looking forward to yet another whole week of idling.  : /

By the way, I give my proudest salute to sir Joel for being such a good team lead, given how things were fixed during the deployment.  ( ‘-‘)>

Slowly coming to an end

Last Friday was Aica’s last day at the office.  She was actually supposed to only stay until Wednesday, but sir Joel asked her to stay until Friday to finish the deployment.  Around 2pm, Aica was already signing her clearance papers.  She had her company e-mail disabled, and her login card was taken.  She left an hour earlier than usual.  (Baaaaaawww ;_;)

It’s sad when you realize how fast time flew.  Seems like it was only a week ago when I started the internship.

Diel’s gonna end her work by May 31, probably the same day I’ll leave because of enrollment stuff.  Iehl’s taking a day-off on Monday she needs to attend to very important things (harharhar :P).  She needs to keep working until some time in June.

Oh, and ma’am Rica actually gave us the chance to take a picture inside the office, but of course it shouldn’t show anything work-related.  I guess this is some sort of farewell to Aica. (Baaaaaawww ;_;)

First shot was kind of a stolen shot, which Iehl took so suddenly.  Second one is taken by ma’am Rica, and will be the last shot of all four of us together.  (Baaaaaawww ;_;)


PS.  Topic title was gonna be a reference to a quote in The Lion King (“Our trio’s down to two!”).  I was gonna include a pic of Timon & Pumbaa at the top, but… I’m not sure about copyright stuff here.

PS#2.  Yes, no top image this time.  Can’t think of alternatives right now.

PS#3.  (Baaaaaawww ;_;)


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