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May 23, 2010

Final task in my OJT

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Last Thursday, next task is to make additional details in Student Enrollment History module.

Now, it has to display the list of classes enrolled in a term, the class’ payment status and also the total no. of units. I first have to study the tables in the database. Then proceed with doing the necessary additions/updates in my code. It’s almost done the second day after the task was given. The only problem is that it doesn’t correctly display the correct total no. of units sometimes. Since there are subjects that are parent/child class of each other, the credits is added twice thus computed total units is more than the expected value. I was confused so I ask Joanne how to solve the problem. I understand now the problem, there seems to be wrong encoded value in the property of that particular subject. Now, I think I’m done already (hopefully)… it should be… if the information in the database is correct. Yehey… (This is supposed to be my final task during my OJT).


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