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May 23, 2010

Information Systems

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Before I really had no idea on what a ComSci student’s career will be, I thought ComSci is all about programming. Besides I felt ComSci skills are gifts to the chosen ones… I’ve heard about a lot of people in our batch that are imba, super great, It’s like effortless! As for me, I had always been having a hard time, struggling. But I was really working hard (though I admit sometimes I really lose my focus because of many factors). Though my grades are not stellar, I’m sure I had learned and improved a lot. But still I have much much more to learn!

Sometimes I evaluate myself, Am I happy? Am I really for this course? Did I make the right choice? Am I competitive enough? I’m happy whenever I accomplish something, but it’s depressing when you don’t know what to do. There are many questions, but I’ve come this far, be proud! C’mon believe in yourself.

Now that my internship comes to end, I realized that it’s not just all about work, accomplishing a task, or learning techie stuffs, money you earned, it’s also about the service. You work to serve, to benefit the people. And information systems, is one field, you can help a lot of people.

Working in the CRS, I had a glimpse on Information Systems and its impact on life of each student, each faculty, each staff etc.

I don’t know if I have passion for Information Systems, but I’m sure it’s one field wherein you can serve a lot of people. And I think knowing there’s someone benefiting from what you’ve been doing is really cool!


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