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May 23, 2010

Last Day

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I guess it didn’t occur to me that the “Last Day” thing applies to me as well. After all, having the feeling of being on the job for the first day was not something that I have experienced as well.

Like the normal OJT, Orange also has an end date. The day that we would deploy our project. But unlike the normal CS 195 OJT, our target date of deployment is on January 2011.

This explains why I never really felt any pressure when it comes to doing the project. I really didn’t stress about how the project looked or tested if I looks exactly the same on each and every browser known to the planet. I didn’t even really worry about this project. And I am a known worrier when it comes to matters similar than this.

My mindset is that I’m gonna be working on Orange up to when I graduate. And there’s even a possibility that Orange and I are still acquainted even after I end my 4-year stint as a CS student in UP. So I never really thought of my OJT experience ending. I just figured that I would go from OJT mode back to being a Student Assistant when I started my classes. So I was really surprised to learn last Friday that tomorrow will be my last OJT day. And of course, I was sad knowing that that was Sir Mike’s last day as well.

But I do have to say, it is a good feeling knowing that you do have some kind of last day. I’m happy that I get to enjoy a bit of my vacation again. Though I am sure that I’m gonna have a hard time re-motivating myself to do my weekly goals (Yes, we still have weekly goals).

I know that my actual last day with Orange is still in the distant future. GWT and I would still be friends to about a year. But it is really a good feeling knowing that I can take 1 to 2 weeks off from working. And that my OJT status is being formally changed to being a Student Assistant again.

I can’t wait to have my summer back!

– Camille


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