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May 23, 2010

Non-cliche Ending Title

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So we continued, as usual, with the S.E.T. until Friday. Friday was our last day. I regret that internship was too short to finish the module, however I am fully confident that the interns who will pursue the CRS posts will do a fantastic job continuing it. I hope to see the completed module this year. (Oh, but won’t that mean there’s a possibility I would have to answer all my S.E.T’s properly?? )

We were treated at Napoli’s for dinner, Friday evening. This was to celebrate our final day of internship, and for good-bye as well to those who won’t be returning to that emerald-windowed building by the sundial.  People were much much closer then from the last dinner we had at Amici’s. There was definitely more laughter, and more stories.

Of course, our supervisors couldn’t resist telling us more about their experiences and their vision. They’re always fun to listen to. I really like that they’re very open about these things, because then we get to see more into the job. Then we got to say our pieces on what we learned.

I’m really glad I took this internship. Work can be completely different from school. At school we learn a specific set of things– but at work, you learn about people, and systems, and a huge huge load of languages and technologies. Most of all though, you learn about yourself.

I hope that more of the incoming batches would take the opportunity of an internship.



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