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May 25, 2010

CRS Week 7 Last Day + Reunion + Reflection

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May 21, 2010 marked the last day of our internship at CRS. We worked with our S.E.T. project tried to do as much as we can until it was 6 pm. We were treated for dinner at Napoli’s in The Block. The food was great. Kuya peter was there too. It was more of a reunion party than a farewell party to me. Since I was sitting beside peter we exchanged so much stories. I told stories about CRS and our internship while he told stories about his work experiences.

After eating and chatting the CRS team gave a speech to us. Sir Kyl and Maam Via spoke of lessons, their thoughts and experiences, their vision and mission, and our future. They spoke about aptitude and attitude and the importance of dedication and passion. We were also asked to speak and give our thoughts on the internship. Each gave really good thoughts mostly thoughts that I share too.

There was a lot of reflection to what we have done and accomplished in CRS. They thanked us for our help but I thank them more for the lessons they have thought me that are far beyond the scope of any book, lessons that really moved me. I am very happy that our minute contribution was highly appreciated. I am happy that I had a summer that’s really worthwhile.


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