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May 25, 2010

lastER day

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This afternoon, I was just supposed to drop by UPCC and pass some forms that were required for my scholarship. In the end, it was almost like an ordinary work/OJT day- late to arrive and later to go home. And so as of today, my last work day is today. XP

Didn’t do much actually. I never got to touch or change or see any of my modules. I just watched JS doing stuff for the SET model and helped?slashdisturbed him to setup the database at one of the PCs. And I got to see the progress of the SET module and its amazing-ness. 😀

I also learned how to use JC’s function generator (just watched, haven’t tried it yet) and got to visit the COLD server room. Not bad for a not-supposed-to-be-work-day.Ü

– joanne ü


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