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May 25, 2010

The Prototype v.2

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Sir Tim checked our prototypes last Friday and gave suggestions on how we can improve.

Summary of Changes

1) I disabled the NEXT POSITION feature and removed iteration for positions so the program would be more reusable.

2) Sir wanted me to create a separate window for every phase of the election. He said I should take away portions of the application when they become unnecessary.

The voting phase and the orange administrator cursor

See how I used the application as a survey form rather than a classroom election tool.

3) It would also be more user-friendly if the non-administrator mice become visible only when voting starts and if they would be automatically disabled and hidden when done voting.

4) He also recommended to recycle the mice. For example, there are forty participants for a survey. It’s not practical to attach forty mice for the survey. It would be more realistic to have a fixed number of mice and then recycle them for every round.

Say, three per round. There would be fourteen rounds and fourteen groups — the last round will reuse one mouse for the 40th user.

5) I can now tabulate results and generate a .csv file which can be opened through a spreadsheet program, preferably Excell (remember, I’m working with Microsoft :P)

Tabulated result of the survey


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