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May 25, 2010

Where it all began…

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Just like anyone who would have his/her “first day” at work, I arrived at the department (i.e. DCS) just in time (around 9:00 am).

I approached our adviser, Sir Edge Angeles, to have the briefing. A week before, we are already told about are tasks–first, assisting in a web development workshop and second, recreating the College of Engineering Web Site. What we are tasked today and on the rest of the week (14 April – 16 April) involves the first.

The participants in the said workshop are members of an environmental protection, non-government organization (NGO) called Ecoscouts from Infanta, Quezon, along with their advisers.

The age of the members range from about 12 to 20’s, all but one or two are new to web development. I was at first anxious as to how I would assist them but I later became comfortable by the way Sir Edge handles the workshop and knowing that I do have some knowledge on the subject–HTML and CSS.

Everything went fine even after countless entertaining of questions, from topic-related ones to the likes of “Kuya anong gagawin?” After all, I am not alone assisting in the workshop as my co-intern Ed Escalante is also assisting.


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