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May 25, 2010

Where it all started (part 2)

I may say this actually our first day–first day of building the College of Engineering Web Site.

The following is the instruction to us (straight from the whiteboard):

1. Create a dummy page for Claudine (guess who Claudine is)

2. Create a Joomla!/Drupal/Wordpress on projectcolt (Fantastico)

3. Format the site (apply a theme)

4. Satisfy special requests

I actually have instruction 2 and 3 done on the localhost of a laptop that I use (I have no iMac to use (!)) thinking that it might be risky to immediately format a site using a system that you are not familiar enough. We actually have some research on the three CMS mentioned before (Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress) and have the three compared to know which is more suitable to use for the site.

We are also instructed to email representative of the different departments and institutes within the college to inform them about the project and its needs. Ed and I created a draft of the letter to be sent. Sir Edge eventually sent a different letter (Sir Edge actually proofread our draft and made some revisions).

I continued experimenting on Joomla! and Drupal but ended up duplicating the current Engineering Site. I do, however, got the grasp of the two CMS.

The real thing

The draft that I came up with (er, duplicated?) in Joomla!


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