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May 26, 2010

I am in withdrawal

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Its Joomla’s turn on my chopping block today and it is not going well. At all.

I don’t get anything.  My mind and body and soul is rejecting everything about it. Exag. Even this little nugget ticks my patience off:

Ugh. What is that anyway?

Whatever. For the day I ended up comparing Joomla and Drupal wherein Drupal won most, no, all of the time. Then asking questions to Mervin about how to do this and that and still not getting anything. And more complaining and saying sentences beginning with “Sa Drupal naman….” accompanied by a very annoyed face and puckered lips.

I ended up not finishing the site on the local host. I just did the main page and some individual pages. I had my mind set on Drupal and nothings going to change that.

By the way, Mervin was all for Joomla.


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