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May 26, 2010

J @ CRS 14

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diary date: May 14


today is our last day as interns 😐 I learned a lot from working in crs.

oh well, in the past days, we tried to finish the SET answering option complete with database. JS and I were assigned to do the model and controller for this option.

I was assigned to do the server side validation. Well, i managed to do it

but the finished product is not yet tested because i need the finished view to make it work and also the way the data is being delivered by the model.So yeah i had to wait. i wished i can finish it nicely though 😀

As this is our last day as interns, the crs team treated us to a great dinner at SM. It was really kind of them to do so, and I’m very grateful about that. CRS has been a treat for me. I learned a lot and ate a lot of pizza during my internship there. Thanks a lot 😀

YEY! 😀


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