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May 26, 2010

The only way to learn is to accept that you dont know everything

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“Experience is the WORST TEACHER. It gives tests before teaching a lesson.”
-Maam Via Lorenzo

These are things that I have learned during my internship..

1. Do not underestimate the project

– seems so simple at a glance but as you progress throughout the project, it wasnt simple at all.

2. Automate code generation if possible

-Look for patterns in code. Some codes are very similar and differ in small details. Use this to your advantage.

3. Be careful in dealing with multiple languages

-syntax comments can be different in some languages. Common errors involves incorrect syntax.

4. Deadlines. You cant be OC at everything. You dont have enough time.
-Avoid cleaning your code when there is not enough time. Doing so will push you through the deadline. Try doing it some other time. Comment it out for a while.

5. Buy time if you can, weigh the consequences
-if some problems could be given a temporary solution given a limited time, do so, this will give you time to develop a better solution without time pressure.
Also, forsee the consequences of your temporary solution if it will make the situation better or it would just cause additional problems.

6. Prioritize first the things that would affect the most.
-If it is done, it would greatly lessen the workload for you rather than problems that would only affect a single individual.

7. In a big system, try to be modular, object-oriented

-reuse codes if possible, it makes debuging the reused code easy to debug

8. Include everything you can in the foundation, implement the main function, then try to add the other features next.

-The foundation should be able to support all the features in your project. Then start with the main fuction, then slowly add the other features after the main functionalities.

9. Not everyone has the same expertise, try to learn from others.

10. Learn from others mistakes, you dont need to experience their mistakes to learn.

11. Be open for suggestions. People can see things that you dont.

12. Do not compromise the quality.

-Joseph Benjamin Del Mundo


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