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May 26, 2010

Site map and requests

Later that week Sir Edge then showed us what is going to be site map of the new Eng’g Site. The site map is basically composed of pages for the different departments and institutes within the College. The will contain basic information about the respective departments (mission-vision, degree programs and courses offered, faculty, etc.). (Sir Edge even shared to us the difference between a department, an institute, and a national institute. At least, there is a difference in budget allocation for each entity. There are more factors to consider, though. (Hope I remembered right…))

I then received an email from a representative of National Engineering Center (NEC) asking us for a meeting on Friday (30 April). We are told that it is all about special requests to fulfill such as calendar widget and forms. Friday came and we (I, Sir Edge, and Ed) went to the NEC and met the people there. I was just anxious as to how I would respond or react to their questions and reactions though Sir Edge mostly answered for us. We are then told about the requests after seeing the previous methods implemented in the present site of NEC.

Then we are back to work.

The instruction ('fresh from the whiteboard') mentioned in my previous blog.

Form structure in one of NEC's requests.


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