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May 27, 2010

30 minutes

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30 minutes to go before my demo starts. Wish me luck:)This is my third demo for this week and i hope it would be my last. Last monday i presented what i have pulled off for these passed few weeks and i wasn’t surprised that i still need to modify some parts of my project. I admit that my work was a bit chaotic. It was messy, not cohesive and unorganized. Good thing i was given 2 more days to fix the revisions and put everything on its right place. Well it was bad news for me, knowing that i couldn’t have my pamper day this week because i still wasn’t finish.

I wasn’t able to watch the episode of pbb last tuesday because i was working on the revisions and my second demo was on the day after. No enough sleep, no leisure time, no pbb. I was really not in a good mood the next morning (demo day). Good thing i was done with the additional modifications and i was able to present my work (again).

I thought i was completely done, i was wrong. Another minor modification was given to me that day, i was really frustrated. Today, another day of judgment. Now 15 more minutes to go, before it starts. All the restless and sleepless nights, all the pbb episodes missed and all the effort i’ve put in this project is nothing compared to finally achieving that satisfaction that i’ve finished it and i can now have my vacation!


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