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May 27, 2010

i’m going to miss this.

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No more sleepless nights, staggering heat and missed pbb episodes.
Finally! I’ve been very anxious about this day, the day that i can say i can now rest.

The final touches that i have to do is to deploy this project and then i’m off to vacation galore! Although i still have a week before registration starts, i’m going to make sure that these remaining days is spent wisely. No day should be wasted with just staying at home doing nothing. (haha).

I’ve learned a lot from this ojt. It has tested my patience, my priorities and my weaknesses. It has awakened me of managing my time, setting goals and accomplishing them. I hope i still have this new spirit as i venture on another year as a compsci student.

I will never forget the nights i’ve dreamed of algorithms, days i came to school covered with sweat, afternoons with damp and sticky feeling, dawns of restless coding and days with skipped meals. This has indeed placed a mark in my life that i know, someday, i’ll be proud of. In spite of all these, knowing that i have gained knowledge and experience and gained trust in myself is the true fulfillment i have for this ojt.

DCS, see you next sem. 🙂


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