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May 27, 2010

Last day

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Tomorrow, May 28, will be the last day of my OJT. I will definitely miss a lot:

  1. my personal workspace that is very homey and has a very strategic location. :>
  2. my cointerns whom I spent my free times and lunch(and sometimes dinner) with everyday. Thank you, Theiss, Mark, Queenie and Lovely for making my day with your corniest jokes and simple stories.
  3. my supervisor, Sir Ron, who guided me all the way,
  4. my mentors, who never failed to enlighten me whenever I get stuck on what I’m doing,
  5. the <20 degrees Celcius working atmosphere that is very very very quiet (even quieter than our library),
  6. Other staff and employees, the kuya guards,
  7. The 24/7 airconditioned laboratory, that has their product, and other vulnerable machines in it, and ofcourse,
  8. the pantry which offers free coffee, thanks to Nescafe, and softdrinks, brought to you by Coca-cola. :p

I’m glad that I have taken the internship elective offered by the department. I have learned a lot. I got the chance to practice my Java and (bash and batch)scripting skills, learn new language like C++, C# and ASP.NET. I was also introduced with new technologies like Sharepoint, Visual C++ and Visual Source Safe. And most importantly, I got the chance to work with professionals, and learned about proper work ethics, the value of punctuality and self confidence(especially during weekly progress reports) .

I apologize for not blogging about the details of my project. I was told that it is confidential and that I can only share what technologies I am using. Throughout my training, I have only used the same aforementioned technologies. That is the main reason why I blog only about my OJT encounters and experiences and nothing much on the technical side. Also, the reason why I don’t post photos here is because one of their company policies includes not taking photos inside the office.  😦

That’s all. 🙂



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