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May 27, 2010

Twenty-Fifth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Six days to go!

While working in JSP, I acquired several habits that I manage to carry along with me through out the day. Some are purposeful, some are a bit funny, and some are just plain non sense. Here they are:

The 6 Habits I Acquired During My OJT

1. Buy breakfast and lunch from 7-Eleven

Since the caterers in JSP left, I was forced to buy my lunch from the nearest always-open store: 7-Eleven! (RNB melody)

And, since I am determined to build my physique, I was also accustomed to buying myself some breakfast that I eat during the trip.

My breakfast varies from the different flavors of stuffed pandesal, to some clubhouses. Sometimes I also buy hotdogs-in-a-bun. Then the usual Bear Brand milk or Yakult. Or sometimes purified water will do.

My lunch, on the other hand, varies from whatever on-the-go meal available. I think I’ve tasted all the kinds of packed meal: there’s the chicken sisig, my favorite lasagna, there’s baked mac, beef tapa, and the list goes on.

And because of this, I’m already known as the 7-Eleven boy in the company. I deserve the title. ~Harhar!~

2. Gaze at Mt. Makiling

Since the beginning of my work, and until now, I spend at least five minutes gazing at the Mt. Makiling, which is some miles away from the company. I always find it beautiful. Especially when I remember the memories I had during my hiking.

Just plain gazing… looking… observing… studying… ooops! What we’re we talking about?

3. Extend my legs during work

It has also been my habit to stretch my legs to the other side of the table while working. It’s like a mannerism already, which is quite embarrassing especially when there’s someone sitting on the other side.

My usual victims: Dave and Moises.

My usual response: Oops! Sorry Dave/Moises!

(then brushes off the invisible dirt on their pants)

So embarrassing.

4. Walk the runway

This one I don’t know why I’m doing it.

From the gate of the subdivision to the gate of the company lies a approximately 300-step long runway, I mean pathway.

Somehow, I wanted to entertain myself, so I started walking like a model of some high-fashioned designer clothes. I even imagine that there’s a background music playing. Just walking like a model, looking straight, chin up, with an aura of awesomeness emanating from me.

And then when I reach the gate of JSP, I always ask myself: Naku! May nakapansin ba?!

5. Dance while passing through the metal detectors

This is just so natural for me to do that I don’t know how I could explain it more. The title says it all!

Just one note: it helps hide metals 90% of the time.

6. Smile

Entering the gate? Smile!

Walking in the hallway? Smile!

Caught some manager’s eyes? Smile!

Late? Smile!

Hungry? Smile!

Tired? Smile!

Sleepy? Smile!

On my first day, Kuya Kevin told me to be courteous to everyone. It was not hard me to follow his advice because it has been my habit ever since. Smile!

Back to work.

Today, I worked twice harder. I set for myself a deadline for the system, which is tomorrow. (the pressure!) I thought that the sooner I finish my tasks, the more time I will have for my requirements in CS195 and in my scholarship. But it’s not only me who works hard today. JR and Luiz were also busy coordinating with Ma’am Iah and Ma’am Ailene as they finish their system. Dave, Moises and Alyssa were all determined to finish the websites they’ve been tasked to do (it’s a competition among the three of them). Kuya Kevin’s busy ordering us food from McDo (he’s stressed out talking with the operator). Sir Neal is, as always, busy with some stuff I don’t know. Anyway, our training is ending, so it’s just right to take double time.

Lessons?The lesson I got from God today is the importance of having a goal. If I haven’t set a deadline for myself, I think I’ll be cramming next week. So now, I run — but with a clear goal ahead of me. I’m determined to finish this race with joy and success.
JSP · 1 Cor 9:26

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