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May 27, 2010

Twenty-Second Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Nine days more and still counting down…

I just learned that by the end of this week, I must submit my evaluation form about my internship. Actually, if not for my scholarship, today would be my last day. I need to accomplish 240 hours of work. Oh well… I’m enjoying this.

Yesterday I enumerated the ten people in IT whom I have worked with. Today I will be featuring the nine computer science-related things that I have learned from my training.

The 9 CS Topics That I Learned During My OJT

The following write up contains moderate geek matter. Please be advised.


Yah, you might be asking, don’t I know PHP and MySQL yet? Well, actually I do. Since my CS150 days, I got the chance to report about Mr. PHP. Then of course, there’s our CS192 project which pretty much revolved around the couple.

But it is really different now that it isn’t my first time using them. It’s like my CS12, (which by the way is one of my favorite CS courses). Even though I only know the basics of Java, it changed my perspective (a lot) on how to deal with objects and classes and variables. Same with my experience here. Mr. PHP and Mrs. MySQL are no longer second degree friends with me. We’re tight now. Darn tight.

2. JQuery+JavaScript

I thank my partner Joel for enlightening me more about Javascript (which is different from Java in many ways). In our CS192 project, it was Edgar who did the Javascript part. I didn’t understand it back then. All I know is that it’s more convenient to use when dealing with forms. Or is it?

But now, I learned the difference between Javascript and PHP. One’s a client-side, the other’s a server-side. If you want to manipulate data, then use PHP. If  you’re more concerned with the behavior of the elements in your site, how it will appear when a user clicks a button, then Javascript suits the job.

I was also acquainted with JQuery, which is actually a Javascript library that simplifies many things. All you need to do is to just include this script in your page, and voila! Instant JQuery!

If I have time, I think I’ll study more about JQuery.


Hmmm… I could see eyebrows raising. HTML and CSS? Don’t I know them yet? Well.. not really. But yes. I learned HTML from high school, CSS from Friendster, but I didn’t have any formal lessons about them.

As I studied these languages carefully, I found out that there’s more them than just simple tags and slashes. One thing that caught my attention while I was studying is that there’s this concept of class inheritance in CSS. How cool is that? And there’s also the challenge of creating the most elegant and space-economized HTML page. This includes organizing tags, using divs and tables appropriately, separating styles into one sheet, etc.

4 & 5. XHTML and XML

It was during those idle hours when I decided to have a crash course in XHTML and XML (and other topics). So it was more of a-spur-of-the-moment rather than a-planned-event. Anyway, XHTML, as I remember, is pretty much like HTML but written in such a way that it would look the same on different browsers.

Then there’s the XML which, if I am not mistaken, describes some restrictions on how you would write your website such that it would retain the flexibility and power of HTML while reducing most of the complexity (and bugs).

So basically, if I am getting all of this right, XML + HTML = XHTML. True? Let me research more about that.

6. WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System wherein it helps you in developing your website in a much easier way. Why? Because… Hmmm… Mainly because it has a templating system, so you wouldn’t need to create the skeleton of your site, but rather,  you could already proceed with forming the body. It’s cool and it’s free.

7. CHM

When Sir Jovy asked me to create a CHM file for our project, I was stupefied. What’s a CHM? Then he started pressing F1, and suddenly, with in seconds, it appeared. A CHM file is simply a Microsoft help file. Properly known as Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, CHM files are online help files used in all Microsoft applications. And I managed to make one. Yey!

8. Excel Macro

Before, I have been seeing Macros in MS Excel but I never thought they can be used for programming. It was a Eureka moment when I had made my first Excel Macro. Even though it only took me seconds to do it, still, I was proud not because of my speed, but because of my new discovery…

9. Excel + Visual Basics for Applications

…but my new project with Ma’am Pat would require more than just macros.

Right now I am still learning more about programming using Visual Basics (for Applications) or just VBA. Honestly, I dislike the language for some issues regarding the syntax, etc. But still, it’s great to use because, it utilizes the existing functions of Excel and from there one could create simple programs with good-looking interfaces.

Geek content ends here.

Some insights about today

It’s Dave’s birthday celebration (his real birthday was on the 15th). At first we were joking around, telling him to treat us McDo because we haven’t tasted his birthday. And then all of a sudden, there were pasta and cakes and drinks and woohoo! Food! I haven’t tasted real yummy food since the canteen was gone.

Progress report: I am currently 80% done with the Time Keeping -slash- Attendance Sheet System. All I need to do is to fix the deletion module and figure out how to enable the undo mode and I’m done!

Today, God reminded me how He has been blessing me since my first day of OJT. He is always with me through out my internship, and He promised to still be with me until the end.
JSP · Isaiah 41:10

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