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May 27, 2010

Twenty-Sixth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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I’m so excited! Five days more!

Suddenly I felt like being mushy today, so I decided to feature the five most unforgettable moments I experience during my OJT.

The Five Most Unforgettable Moments in JSP

I won’t be discussing much about what happened during those days. Just read my blog entries that correspond to them. (click the days)

1. Day 1

How could I ever forget how unexcited I was during my first day! They say that the first always leaves a lasting impression. It sure does.

2. Day 7

This was the day after our hiking at Mt. Makiling. I was slightly tired but still had the energy for some action (ouch, not my legs!).

A slightly disappointing day. User testing was postponed (and was never resumed anymore). Boo!

3. Day 13

Mixed emotions: sad, happy, lethargic, melancholic, energized. Read and you’ll see why.

4. Day 16

What –would-Sir-Kyl-do? moment.


5. Bonus: Day 0

It was the day of my interview at JSP. What I can’t forget is the entrance exam I took. There’s a flow chart test! Whoa! The last I’ve heard of flow charts was when I was still in 2nd year high school. So I dug way way way way down in my memories and searched for the valuable pieces of flowchart shapes. Circles, rectangles, parallelograms… Oh no!

Anyway, I perfected that part of the exam. Hahaha! Praise God for that!

Talking about work: today, I took a half day because I have some important things to accomplish. I managed to finish the main requirements. The only things I need to do are: the printable version of the system and, if I still have time, the undo option (which is for now impossible to implement in my system). I’m starting to regret using VBA for the system, but at least I learned some lessons.

It’s becoming more and more quiet at IT. Kuya Kevin and Donzan are not going at work anymore. Luiz and JR have frequently been accompanying Ma’am Iah on OB (official business) trips. I heard that silence sometimes can be deafening. If not only for Dave then we could have lost our hearing from the sudden turn out of events.


I hope IT would come back from its original chaotic-ness.


Some days ago I prayed to God to give me time to finish the Time Keeping System. Prayer answered. I finished the system today! XD

That’s why I tell you to have faith that you have already received whatever you pray for, and it will be yours.

JSP · Mark 11:24

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