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May 27, 2010

Twenty-Third Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Down to eight.

Today is the funniest day, so far, in my 23 days of stay at JSP. But before I discuss how this day turned out, I will go first with my Top 8 feature. Today’s top 8 is about the eight most fascinating things I have observed in JSP.

The 8 Most Fascinating Things I have observed in JSP

~ I just repeated what I wrote, I know XD ~

1. ESD Shoes

This is the footwear trend inside the company. You have it? Then you’re in! Don’t wear one? Sorry but you are out. Literally, you should go out.

In one of my previous blogs, I stated there the purpose of wearing ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) shoes. I said there that it’s for our safety and cleanliness. Well, I stood corrected by Dave (and Sir Neal as his backup). ESD shoes are for protection, yes, but not for us. They’re used for all the manufactured mobile phones and gadgets inside the company. Basically, we all emit electrostatic energy (would you believe that!?), and these energy are harmful, not to us, but to the vulnerable electronic devices. That’s sooooo fascinating! (Keanu Reeves’ voice)

2. Green and Yellow Stickers

Along the main hallway are green and yellow stickers running across the floor as if telling me to back-off because there’s a crime scene going on.

But soon I found out that they are there as part of the safety/preventive measures of the company in protecting the manufactured electronic devices.

Anyway, I didn’t really understand how it works. I was just fascinated about that they’re not just there for floor design.

And I was shocked when Dave showed me the green stickers on our computer tables. Ooohhh.. now that’s cool!

3. N-Computing

Speaking of computers, have I told you that among the eight desktop computers inside the IT lab, we only have two CPUs? Well… now I am telling you!

Introducing, the magical N-Computing device! Tanan! Okay, it’s not really that magical. But it’s pretty cool knowing that four users can share one CPU (Box), with the CPU handling all of them simultaneously!

4. Time Card Writer

Well, it is my first time to see a time card writer. And I don’t even know if that’s the correct description for that. The name says it all. It writes time on my time card.

5. Thumb Print Verifier

Just beside the time card writer is the thumb print verifier. They said that it acts just like the time card writer, but instead of having your time card, you’ll only need your unique thumb print to tell the system, Hey, I’m logging in/out, okay? Too bad, it’s only for regular employees. (I tried it once. No luck. My fingerprints didn’t register.)

6. Statuesque Metal Detectors

The ultimate, maximum, to the highest level of security conducted inside the company is, without any doubt, seen through these monumental metal detectors. Take note, detectors, plural. Because the company doesn’t have one, but two huge metal detectors!  These made it hard for me when I’m wearing a belt. Very inconvenient. I would have to hold my pants up from one detector to another, then re-wear my belts again. This happens every morning, twice every lunch break, twice every afternoon break (optional) and once when going out.

But still, they’re cool just because I get to slide around, do some jazz steps or moonwalk while passing these detectors. I’m so immature, I know.

7. The PC Tracker

The PC Tracker: the most devious device in IT. Are you playing Plants versus Zombies at work? Are you watching videos in YouTube? Are you browsing your Facebook account? Then better stop now or they’ll stop you.

And the last and most fascinating thing in JSP is…

8. The JSP Signage

…which is missing! Out of all the companies standing side-by-side in Calamba Premiere International Park, I believe that it is only JSP that has no signage, no logo or even a streamer saying that: Yoohoo! JSP is here! Samsung has his logo lying on a grass field.  AVON has hers erected somewhere in its front. Everyone’s got something. Everyone except JSP.

But even though JSP forgot to tell the world where it is, at least I know that it still exists.

Now, why is today a wacky day?

First, I changed our soundtrip to classical music. So instead of 2NE1 and Flo Rida, we had Beethoven and Schubert playing around inside our ears. And then everyone coming inside the department stops for a while. I bet they’re thinking: Am I in a hotel?

Second, we had cake for our afternoon break care of Ma’am Iah. Weee!!! Well it’s not really funny, I just realized now, but back then I thought it was. Maybe the eating part was funny.

And last, and the wackiest of all, I got a new nickname. It’s Paulskee Manolskee Scapolskee. Pioneered by Luiz, this became my common household name inside JSP. One time there’s even the Siberian Husky. It’s not really funny unless you say it out loud and with a baritone voice. Everyone’s loving it. Including me.

Paulskee Manolskee Scapolskee Siberian Husky!

Pardon me when I said it’s a wacky day. I’m a bit shallow when it comes to happiness.


Now the more serious side. It is good to laugh, as it cleanses our soul, and eases our worries. And I believe that it is God who has brought me this laughter. When I said that today is the funniest day, I wasn’t only speaking about the humors for the day. The genuine happiness that I felt today came from the satisfaction; satisfaction that as I approach the end of this race, I carry with me priceless memories and experiences that I can truly be proud of. And of course, my new nickname would always sell to me as a good one.

JSP · Genesis 21:6

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