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May 27, 2010

Week 4

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Last week, after finishing with the reports, we started doing the SQL statements/stored procedures that will get data from the database, and then pass them on to be displayed on the reports.

Sounds easy?

Yeah… no.

Mostly we just use select statements based on the fields/columns required to be displayed on the reports, but it is actually kind of hard when you have a huge database (several databases, actually), using a LOT of tables. We have to identify which columns on those tables correspond to the columns on the report, and it’s difficult when you’re not familiar with the database. We don’t know the entire project, all we know is that it is a project for a government agency, and the first time we get to learn the database is when we’re already tasked to make queries on it. The database we use mostly is the one for supplies, inventories, and everything related to that. Ms. Jollie, a trainee employee is the one we go to when we need help locating fields, as she’d been doing the same task for the earlier reports before we came along. It’s kind of hard for her too because like us, she had to learn the database too so sometimes she has to go to the senior developers for help.

Another thing that causes difficulty is that the database still isn’t finalized, some tables are still being modified, so we always have to get our copies of the database updated. I think this is one of the things that’s been causing delay on the project in general. It makes our work more challenging, but I really am glad to be learning how it feels in the “real world”, heh.


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