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May 28, 2010


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Our first week is our adjustment week; from the people in the hub to the new applications that we will work with in doing our projects. I must say that the people in TechnoHub, in Techportal specifically, have one the warmest staff. From the gentleman guard who opens the door and greets you a good morning to the receptionist who offers a refreshing smile and also greets you a good morning at 9:00am in the morning. It really wakens me up when I was just trying to catch the day in waking up so early. They never fail to do this everyday and it’s good to know that you are welcomed everyday. On the other hand, in our office, we have Kuya Carlo and Ate Lorai. Ate Lorai is like Ate Mila in the office. She knows almost everything about Sir Joel’s schedule and about TradeChannel like Ate Mila to the instructors and the department. Ate Lorai also serves as mediator between Sir Joel and us when he can’t come to the office to assist us. She reminds us what we will do instructed by Sir Joel or Sir Nelson (former president of TradeChannel), even reminding us to take our lunch when 12:00pm comes or to go home when it’s already 5:00pm. Kuya Carlo is like a senior classmate whom we can ask everything about Joomla. Sir Joel told us that he already made a couple of websites. They are both quiet but they are really really friendly so we didn’t had a hard time adjusting.

intern girls with “Kuya” Carlo

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